Paint It Gold

After we dropped Butter Side Up four months ago, we went on a crazy ride of gigs, radio interviews, and exciting news all round.  We weren't expecting such a huge response, and we're still so grateful for the amount of support we were shown.

Once the buzz died down a little, we suddenly realised that we'd spent so much time booking gigs and supports, printing stickers and shirts, organising interviews and Facebook posts, that we hadn't written a rap in months.

ENTER: Paint It Gold.

It's a funk-rap-trap chimera, and we had a whole lot of fun making it.  Sally made the beat, and as such we were able to focus on writing something that was less lyrics-over-a-beat, and more of a cohesive song.  Simon Cohen and 301 Studios polished the whole thing up beautifully, and our long-time friend and collaborator Joseph Timbs made a swanky new clip to match.

We hope you like it!

Coda Conduct

Coda Conduct is a hip hop duo consisting of members Erica and Sally.