Paint It Gold Mini Tour!

We've just announced a three show tour, to give our new baby Paint It Gold a bit of time in the ol' spotlight. The tour will cover Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra. 

It's going to heaps of piles of fun, and we're working on a new setlist for the occasion. We've never been more ready to get on the stage and bust out the funk.... Our only concern is whether the world is ready for it. 

One of the best parts about touring (apart from meeting/making new fans, and doing the crosswords in the back of the inflight magazines) is being able to see the support acts do their thang. In Melbourne we'll be joined by local spit-fire DEX and the lovely YVE GOLD, Sydney will be S.KAPE and our long time girl crush DAWN LAIRD , and in the hometown CBR, we'll be sharing the stage with Lash and our Capslock Collective homie Stateovmind.  

Getchya tickets:

Come say hey! We'll buy you a drink! Maybe. If you buy us one first. PEACE!


Coda Conduct

Coda Conduct is a hip hop duo consisting of members Erica and Sally.